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Jesse M D'Ambra, M.S.









Carmel, NY 

Performance Marketing & Website Content Strategist


Provider of Strategic Leadership, Profitable Revenue Growth, Brand Building, and Effective Marketing Management. Freelance Marketing Consulting. GenAI & LLM Prompt Engineer.

Marketing Manager & Project Manager


Responsible for putting together high-level strategies, implementing systems and processes, coaching team members, tracking performance, and collaborating with the CMO & CEO. Headed up their entire marketing ecosystem, which includes affiliate programs, paid online advertising, shopping comparison engines, brand building, sponsorships, market research, email marketing, blog content generation, social media campaigns, print advertising, direct mail, trade shows, video campaigns, and website management. In addition to managing their Omni channel marketing strategy, my role also requires strong project management skills, with a proven ability to successfully deliver website development projects on time and within budget.

Marketing Director


Successfully created, implemented, and managed calculated online marketing strategies for 2 retail websites to solicit and expand this e-commerce business. Accountable for goal setting and analytics measurement of all activities related to search engine marketing, SEO, shopping verticals, email campaigns, content creation, mobile, social media, and affiliate programs.

Digital Marketing Consultant


Strategic and tactical consultant with a passion for metrics and a master at transforming those measurements into enhanced e-commerce business performance to reach the ROI goals of your digital marketing investment. 

Ecommerce Marketing Manager & Consultant


Created and managed online customer acquisition campaigns for media items such as photos, digital or print books, and audio CDs. Coordinated the development and integration of a digital upload system application. Instrumental in the planning and marketing of printed book product line.

Sales & Marketing Manager


Directed all aspects of marketing for this B2B and B2C manufacturer and distributor of musical instruments and equipment that catered to the largest retail chain stores in the music industry, including Guitar Center, Mars Music, Sam Ash, & others. Trained and managed a sales force that serviced an active dealer base of over 2,000 music stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. Also established and expanded international distribution of products in over 7 countries worldwide.

Master of Science M.S.

Digital Marketing Strategy & Design


Courses: Database Management & Systems, E-Business Strategy, E-Commerce Marketing, Information Architecture, Internet Technologies, Managing Internet Business Systems, Managing Marketing Channels, Marketing Systems, Project Management, Strategic Database Marketing, Strategic Management, Supply Chain Management, System & Information Concepts in Organizations, Website UX Design & Usability, Website Management

Bachelor of Science B.S.

Behavioral Psychology


This undergraduate degree program has helped me immensely in the understanding of human and consumer behavior. 

Continuing Education


Courses taken through various online channels include:

Prompt Engineering: Hot to Talk to the AI's, Artificial Intelligence & Business Strategy, Intro to Artificial Intelligence, Ethics in the Age of Generative AI, Generative AI: The Evolution of Thoughtful Online Search, What is Generative AI, Database Management, Leveraging AI for Project Management, Marketing Systems, E-Business Strategy, E-Commerce Marketing, Big Data & Marketing, Computer Networks, Cybersecurity, R, Predictive Analytics & Info Technology, Foundations of Business Strategy, Big Data for Better Performance, Strategic Management, Management for a Competitive Edge, AWS Fundamentals, Amazon Advertising, Python, Quantitative Skills for Business, UX/UI Design, and many others.


MS Office & All Things Google

AI - Prompt Engineering

Brand Management & Development

Data Analysis

Market Analysis & Research

Business Strategy & Development

Marketing Campaigns

Database Management

Graphics: Canva, Photoshop

Marketing Technologies

Project Management

Web Development

Organizational, Time Management

Communication, Active Listening

Leadership, Interpersonal

Problem-Solving, Creativity


Responsible for defining, implementing, and maintaining the digital strategic roadmap, which includes all website capabilities, design, marketing, mobile commerce solutions, and developing technologies. Demonstrated ability to represent the business in a leadership role.


Developed creative marketing strategies to solicit and expand web businesses within regional and international markets. Generated substantial revenue streams for many companies by utilizing organic search, PPC advertising / SEM campaigns, shopping verticals, affiliates, email campaigns, and other online programs.


Proven ability to recruit, train, manage, and lead team members within an organization. Directly responsible for strategic planning and new business development to maximize growth and profitability. Handled major account presentations and negotiations with an emphasis toward building lasting customer, client, and business relationships.


Able to identify and effectively leverage technology solutions, customer insights, industry knowledge, and overall societal trends to ensure offline, e-commerce, and mobile offerings are best in class. Stay current on the latest industry practices and issues, assessing and communicating their potential impact on business. Strong and continuous knowledge of market trends and new e-commerce technologies.

I am a career marketer specializing in helping eCommerce & service businesses grow their customer base and increase profitability by designing and implementing their entire digital marketing roadmap. I have over 20 years of experience in marketing, advertising, business development, and sales management. In 2004, I launched D'Ambra Consulting, a results-driven online marketing website that collaborates with business, marketing, paid search, web development, SEO, and sales experts to develop online marketing campaigns around actionable insight.  During my extensive career, I have cultivated and deployed skill sets within the following areas:

Marketing & Brand Development
Direct all areas of online marketing with a proven ability to drive operational initiatives that propel revenue growth, expand market share, and increase competitive advantage. Able to define the overall requirement and resources necessary to effectively support the corporate e-commerce strategy. Serve as a principal brand architect providing integrated and consistent brand strategies and framework to drive website traffic growth and advertising revenue.
Define appropriate and sustainable competitive positioning strategy and leverage competitive business intelligence. Monitor competitor product efforts, website changes, and industry trends to take preemptive and responsive actions. Keep abreast of industry practices, issues, market trends, and new e-commerce technologies, assessing their potential impact on business. Sophisticated understanding of the operational and customer experience implications across all segments.

Design & Development
Direct and manage all website operations, and drive implementation of new features and functions to maintain and support existing functionality. Expert advisor on UX/UI customer experience, including website design & aesthetics, content, navigation, information architecture, performance standards, functionality, and usability to positively impact e-commerce efforts. Experience with website integration from third-party service providers in search, analytics, and content management. Identify and implement site improvements, with a focus on best-of-breed user experience measured by key website metrics and financial results. Knowledge of web design principles and HTML.
Project Management
Facilitated new e-commerce website development projects through concept, testing, and implementation phases. Helped in the launch of new mobile-ready websites. Optimize the effectiveness, usability, and design of the mobile experience to expand company reach, driving conversion to sales, and expanding customer loyalty.

Data Analysis
Ability to analyze click-stream and web analytics data for actionable recommendations regarding campaign direction, purchasing, and pricing decisions. Utilize behavioral targeting and market analysis to optimize site performance, increase traffic, objectives, and ROI. Firm understanding of databases, database technology, and data mining.
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